Biblically, to serve, is to love. Being a vessel of God’s love in Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God’s Word, enriches family and friends. This includes the growing ability to address all things with the eternal Holy wisdom of love, including for eternal life.

Immediately obedient to do God’s will in a small way, can be trust for a larger way. Selfish-love, replaced with selfless love, is newfound freedom and light.

Prayers of self-examination for correction yield truth and humility’s wisdom. Wisdom of love exercised in fellowship, has a synergy of works. Growing in unity of love with those hard to fellowship with, accelerates wisdom and glory.

God’s mission; transforming those in sin unto the immensity of eternal light, has the grateful and humble testifying, “Jesus Christ!”

Discernment includes: counseling the lost, is not the fellowship/agreement of sin. Assessing one’s own strength in the spirit, is for hard places. The wisdom to discern an errant doctrine, is not relative to abandonment; but relative to show God’s love, patience, and kind correction. Giving mercy received, embraces the deep love of God.

Focusing more on good works, is less time of temptation. Doors close and mistakes can be made, but new paths can bring novel love and joy.

The wise pray, allowing God’s Holy Spirit of the wisdom of love to lead. No one does anything lasting, unless it’s through the power of God’s eternal wisdom of love.

The Holy Spirit and Word guide for counseling and testifying of Jesus. To serve, by embracing God’s love to give God’s love, is fulfillment to life in lasting purposes. The magnitude that is increase of eternal life and love in Heaven, is more glory for a God who shares His glory; life in a Heavenly paradise, forever without end, through Jesus Christ!

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

James Rathman:

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