Written by James Rathman; from the book, Thank You, Jesus

   When Jenny was 7 years old, she had a vivid Holy dream that she held to for decades.                                                                    

~ When Jenny was visiting Heaven, she sat on the Father’s lap. God wanted to show her a couple of things. God told her that we have an earthly mind and a Heavenly mind, and when we are on earth we are not able to understand certain things. Right then, God gave Jenny a Heavenly mind, so that she could comprehend the particulars of some Heavenly things that He wanted to teach her.                  

Then, God pulled back a veil from an area near Him and showed Jenny all of the prayers that were coming up to Heaven. God showed her how He was able to pay special attention to every prayer that comes His way. Next, God erased Jenny’s Heavenly mind so that she could not remember the details and logistics on how God was able to hear everyone’s prayer. But, Jenny was left with the knowledge that God could give every prayer His full attention.                       

Jenny testified that she is without knowledge of what God looks like, never seeing his face.             

God then told Jenny that there would be a period of time when she would not be as close to Him as she was then, but she would draw closer to Him again in the future.                                                     

Jenny was then given the opportunity to choose from one of two scenarios and paths in life. The first choice was that she would have enough money never to be in-want of material items, and her life would be easy in this regard, but she would lack love. On this path, she would never feel what love feels like.   

God then showed Jenny another life that she could lead and said that it would be a harder life but she would know what the meaning of love was. She would be able to feel love and be loved if she chose this path. God then showed Jenny a vision of the life with  love, and in it she was wearing white and could see that she was married and holding a baby. She could also see a silhouette of her future husband, but just the back of him and not his face.                                            

While the decision was completely hers to choose from, Jenny said that she could feel that God wanted her to pick the life where she would know love.                                                                

Jenny loved God and wanted to make Him happy but she also wanted to choose the path with love, so she chose the harder life but with love in it. As soon as Jenny made her decision, she slid down what seemed like a slide and woke up in bed.                            

Over two decades later, Jenny had been searching, looking, and hoping to meet the man of her dreams for quite some time. Literally, Jenny was looking for the man of her dreams, which was the man in the vision that God showed her. Her friends asked her from time to time, “Did you meet the man of your dreams yet?” It started to be a running question, how Jenny was looking for the man of her dream.  

One day, exasperated, Jenny told Jesus that she was going to give up her search, and she put it all into His hands.                                               

One week later, the man of her dreams called, and the rest was history, as she had the love of her husband and gave birth twice, both times having boys! 

The man of my dreams; Jenny from New Jersey


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