By Ruth Moyer

    ~ As you read this true story, there is a possibility that you will be surprised as I was with the outcome. A beautiful gray striped cat was abandoned by a family when they moved. My neighbor of many years fed this beauty until she moved.                                                          

One morning, as I was walking in my yard, I noticed the gray beauty meowing on my neighbor’s doorstep. I felt compassion for her and put food and water in the yard each day. Unfortunately, I could not give her a home, as I am allergic to cats. She also loved the wild, so I respected her desire.                                   

One day, I couldn’t locate her, so I started to whistle, hoping that she would respond to the sound. To my surprise, she came, followed by birds and squirrels. I smiled with delight when I saw all of them!   

To see this, was an extraordinary event for me. Little did I know that a whistle would bring the beauty of the cat, the birds, and squirrels to my yard, but it did!                                                                

Amazingly, after that first time, every time now when I step out of my back door and whistle, the cat, the birds, and the squirrels all come to me, to my delight!

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