Written by Rhonda Childs

Jesus came with love, joy and conversation!


    Back in 1999, I was living in the remote and very rural community of Huddleston, Virginia, about a half-hour south of Lynchburg. Praying in my home in a family/great room, I was sitting on an overstuffed chair built for one person, with an ottoman in front of it. To the side of my view, were windows, and doors that also had windows from the top to the bottom, having access and an immediate view of a wooden deck. Just past that, about fifty feet, was a beautiful wooded area of tall and lush green trees to see.

    My daughter Hannah had been having some incredible manifestations from the Lord in recent history, and in some of the same ways in which I had experienced over the years. Approximately two months prior, she had witnessed and described two radiant and beautiful appearing men/Holy Spirits. I knew by her description that one of them was Jesus, but I wasn’t sure who was with Jesus.

    To the best of my recollection, my daughter said that Jesus was dressed in purple, with a gold sash around him; in the way that someone might wear from a pageant. He had a beautiful bright light around him, and brownish hair.    

    ~ As I was praying that day on the overstuffed chair, suddenly, Jesus came unto me in a powerful manifestation of love and joy beyond any comprehension! I was overcome through and through my entire body from the presence of the Spirit of Jesus!

    I began to weep; from a combination of such love and joy from the Lord’s presence, but I was also in disbelief that Jesus would come to someone like me; such a sinner as I had been in my lifetime!

    Back in my twenties, I led a real double-life, going to church and really loving Jesus, and enjoying singing hymns to Jesus when the church congregation sang. I loved God’s Word and His Holy Spirit, which He allowed me to know of and feel at a young age. But I would also go around worldly people and act worldly, and slowly did that less and less over the years, but still would do so at times. I felt very ashamed of myself at times. I always repented and meant it, as I loved Jesus so much. But I could not imagine that Jesus would come to me like He was, and let me feel such love and joy from Him!  

    Right then, I was overcome with emotions and all of my senses were on high, as high as could be! I was in elation, elated, and embracing Jesus as He embraced me in His Holiness of love!                         Suddenly, Jesus spoke to me, including pertaining to my 5 year old daughter Hannah, and my husband at the time, Mark.

    Beloved one, I came to your house to bless those who dwell in it. My Father is well-pleased with you, Hannah and Mark.

      Jesus, was that God the Father with you that day, when Hannah saw you with someone?

    No, child.

    I am here now. You are so loved – people can feel your love – it is radiant. You will become more radiant as the time gets nearer.

      Jesus, what would you have me do?

    You must help others see the way, and tell them the way to my Father is through me.

Thank you child for your love. Your life will change drastically soon, be ready. 

    I am always here for you.

    I love you as does your Father in Heaven.

    Later and throughout that day, after Jesus and I stopped talking, I could still feel His presence in a manifestation of love and joy! All day long, I was in a state of elating happiness, filled the Lord’s Heavenly and Holy Spirit!

    I am in awe of the presence of Jesus and who He is. I am a walking living testament of how much mercy that God has; blessing such an undeserving sinner like me. I rejoice now and I am so glad to have everlasting life, so that I can love Jesus forever and ever without end in His Kingdom and glory of love and joy!

Jesus came twice again!


    Five days later, I was praying again in my home in the same family/great room. I was sitting at the same place, on an overstuffed chair built for one person, with the ottoman in front of it. Suddenly, Jesus came upon me again in the same type of powerful Heavenly love and joy! I was overcome again, and rejoicing in my heart within the glory of the loving and peaceful Spirit of Jesus Christ!

    The world did not matter! The presence of Jesus put things into perspective very quickly! This world just passes, and then children of God live forever in a paradise of love and peace beyond any understanding! I could understand why no one would ever recall their hardships here on earth again. Everyone would be fixated on the glory of God in Heaven; celebrating with His Spirit of such loving grace!

    Jesus truly is love! His love was through and through me: exhilarating! And suddenly, Jesus spoke to me, and I was able to also ask Him some questions, including about a vision of a rose;

    It is I, Jesus.

I thank you for your vision.

It was I who brought you the gift of the rose. I love you child. Your light is one of love. My Father loves you as well. 

    Do unto others as you would yourself. There is much for you to know and learn.

    Teach others the truth and the light in the name of the Father.

Jesus, what does Heaven look like?

    Beloved one, it is a place of love and beauty that exceeds description. You feel the love – it surrounds you constantly. It is such pleasure as you have never known.

    My Father’s palaces and everything in His Kingdom is miraculous.

    It is beauty beyond words. The dream that you had about the Gold Dome Palaces, were of Heaven. Was it not glorious?

Jesus, what is my guardian Angel like?

Gideon loves you so. He has always watched over you and deems it pleasure to do so.


I was praying, and then, the Spirit of Jesus came upon me, in a beautiful manifestation of spectacular peace, joy and love! I was elated beyond compare! The Lord was embracing me with His loving Holy Spirit, and I was embracing Jesus back! I had so much love for Jesus; to bless someone like me, and to feel being so loved!    

It is I, Jesus.

   Child; much has changed in your life.

   My Father is well pleased and loves you so.

   Your energy has now changed in that your spirit can now soar with the Angels.

   Hannah will be the way and the truth for many to come. Her light is of love and she is with the blessed.

   Yes, I do know her well and she will remember (of the past manifestations) more as she grows. 

   She has walked with me before (has seen me) and shows no fear.

   Mark is so loved. Jenny speaks the truth about Mark. – he is very beautiful.

   He exalts love for many. He is kindhearted, and I know him well also.

   Your job is one of love. You will follow the right path – make no plans, for the light will lead you. The light is I and my Father’s Spirit. It is a light of love.

   Follow me and here will be much joy in your life.

   Your creativity is such that you can reach many. Write, child, we will guide you, love you, protect you. Have great faith in all that you do.

Jesus, tell me about Heaven.

Child, Heaven is what you know it to be. Beautiful to you. The possibilities are endless. It is so perfect and love abounds above all. Your heart will be full as you’ve never known it to be.

   The dream that you had, about the palace: is what you’ve seen in Heaven. And yes, you did walk with Mark – he is your kindred spirit of love.

   Child, you will start to receive more information. Relax, and take it slowly – for it will come. You will not receive more than you can handle.

   Be still, and know that I am with you.

   Yes, you will see the Angels one day. They love you so well. They are so pleased with who you’ve become.

   Continue to pray for guidance and it will come.                                            

   Tell others about me and the truth will come.                                                  Thank you for your love – it fills my heart with gladness, and much love back to you child.


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