Father, in the name of Jesus, I humbly come before you with faith and ask: pour your Holy Spirit of peace upon and throughout my friend’s entire being. Most High and Almighty God, let them feel the Divine presence of your Holy Spirit! Lift them, high up, in your peace…have them, rise up, in your Spirit above all things! Have them afloat in your peace! Send your beautiful Angels of healing and comfort around them!

Give my friend all wisdom needed to calmly rest and confidently address all situations. Touch them dearly in their heart and mind with your presence of peace. Help them to relax their mind…….by thoroughly trusting, with confidence, your promise of eternal life to be loved without end! ~Lord, kindly give my friend encouragement through your Holy Spirit directly as well as your Spirit in the reading of your Word. Have your Spirit and Word speak to their exact needs, and more.

Have one or more people speak to my friend with an  exceeding sensitivity of wonderful, kind, touching, and caring words to make them feel good. Bring current, new and novel people to my friend, those who will touch and fill their human heart and spirit. Let my friend know from your Spirit, to be without fear, that you, God, are with them, and you the Lord has surrounded them with everlasting caring love!

No matter the blessings present, or needed and awaiting for, and no matter a situation, help my friend to embrace your Holy Spirit of peace the same! Father, in the name of Jesus, emit beautiful exceeding Holy joy into my friend, let your light be visibly seen aglow from them to others…knowing that you and they are in an unwavering bond of eternal love without end! Undeserving to receive any blessings, but with faith and humility from the truth of who I am, I humbly thank you in advance for these blessings for my friend, including for your Holy Spirit of peace to touch thoroughly through and through my dear friend in Christ! Amen. 

Written by James Rathman:Evangelist:JamesJohnJr7000@gmail.com

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