Our Work

Our ministry is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to leading lost souls to Jesus Christ, fellowshipping with others in their walk with Jesus, and we are developing plans for a Christian rehabilitation center along with affordable housing.

Outreach Ministry

THAILAND OUTREACH MINISTRY (TOM), is a Christian organization of love and refuge. Our Christian volunteers infuse leadership with humility and love. We have been there, we are sinners, and we can identify with other sinners. We listen and are not judgmental, yearning only to show the love of Jesus that we have received so undeservingly.

Christian Centers

Our Christian centers will be locations where someone can receive food, shelter, council, prayer, and most of all, love. We will teach basic bible skills and principles that will help someone build a relationship with Jesus who in turn will help them rebuild their lives. We can attest that through the power of Jesus, someone can be saved in an instant.

Spread The Word of Jesus

We want to help someone break down the walls in their lives that are preventing Jesus from coming in and working His Will. This ministry places a special focus on the varying process time that it takes for the initial development of each individual Christian to gain the faith, hope, and love from Jesus to strengthen their life’s journey. We are also interested in creating as many disciples as possible to spread the love of Jesus.