Written and lived by Melissa

    There is one special moment from several years ago that I would like to share, when I was expecting my second child. My husband at the time was unemployed and we were without insurance, and money was very tight. I literally rounded up $2.00 in coins to put a little gas into my car that day. I went to the service station and got out. I prayed because I needed a lot more than two dollars worth of gas.

There was a lady on the opposite side of the pump and we briefly exchanged faint smiles as I reached for the nozzle. She went in to pay and I didn’t give her a second thought. A few moments later she came back out to get into her car and she approached me and said, “The Lord told me to pay for you to fill up your car. The Lord had me pay twenty dollars for you.”                                                     

I was surprised and replied, “Oh, that’s not necessary.” To which she said, “I have to obey the Lord and He told me to have you fill up your tank and to pay for it so I had to.”                                

I was astonished but so thankful!  God’s timing is perfect and He loves His children! That is just one of many, many countless things that the Lord has done for me and I am happy to share this testimony to glorify Him.                                                        

God sent His Son Jesus to save us because of His love for everyone and He desires to bless each of us. All we are required to do is repent of our sins and accept His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. What a glorious Heavenly Father that we have!

Melissa | Virginia

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