Evangelist James Rathman going to visit Pakistan as a missionary!

Blessedinternational is honored to have a long-term relationship for God’s glory, with Pastor Khalid ‘Sam’ Bhatti, who heads Gospel Evangelistic Ministries of Pakistan. Currently, we are in the midst of an expanding joint venture, executing a plan for many great causes, including to help impoverished and unsaved people in Pakistan. This includes the witnessing of Jesus and the message of the cross forefront, in upcoming church services and elsewhere, bringing as many unsaved as possible to Jesus Christ and the repentance of sin. These works will be accomplished in varying areas such as the city of Karachi, and to the humble and wonderful Marawi people in southeastern districts, who are mostly illiterate and live in extreme poverty, without hope, or immediate access to clean water. Having already provided fresh water wells and audio Bibles in some of these areas; Blessedinternational and Gospel Evangelistic Ministries are seeking donations of any amount for an upcoming, specific, joint expanded mission. This funding will be used for general traveling, lodging, and air fare expenses, print and audio Bibles, food and clothing including foorwear, fresh water wells, and varying water usage containers. “Pastor Sam and I are devoted to these very worthy causes, including inspired to help people living in such despair, and again we appreciate a donation of any amount.” Blessings and love. ~James Rathman: Evangelist: Blessedinternational.com Onelostsheepministry33@gmail.com 215-740-0195  ~Pastor Khalid ‘Sam’ Bhatti: Evangelist: Gospel Evangelistic Ministries: Gemevangelism@gmail.com.              Paypal: Jamesjohnjr100@yahoo.com