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   Lying on a hospital gurney unconscious with a medical team around me, suddenly, two very tall magnificently beautiful Angels clutched me with their beautiful wings and we took off! I could see my body lying there, also aware within my body, that I was unconscious. We were suddenly flying through the ceiling, flying through the clouds, flying through the stars, flying through the galaxies, and Bible verses were coming alive all the while, and then, we quickly stopped. I was right then all of a sudden at the beginning of a tunnel! As the two Angels and I stood there, about 75’ away in the other end of the tunnel, I could see a magnificent glowing bright white light.                                       

When we were in-flight and right then, Bible verses kept coming to me, they were ‘alive,’ right as I was experiencing them, including that I felt a peace passing all understanding! All worries were gone, and oh my gosh, the Angels were so tall and beautiful, and their wings that they had sheltered me under, were just so beautiful! This was a surprise roller coaster ride of a lifetime for a 13 year old girl on a Christmas break in 1976.                                                                                                         

I was in my freshman year of high school, I was a lumberjack, and I had just been helping my dad in the woods of my grandparent’s land in Michigan. My grandmother and grandfather were back at their home, and my two brothers, my dad and I were on the back of ten acres cutting dead wood. We had been cutting the trees, and two of the trees were lodged against a third uncut tree. My dad told us to get back, because he was going to continue getting the trees cut to the ground. I noticed several pieces of wood on the ground, and I bent down to pick them up, and not too long after, I was standing with two Angels at a tunnel of extraordinary radiant light shining from the other end of it!    One of the limbs had broken off when one of the trees slammed into the ground after a chunk was cut off. The limb had hit me across the back of my head, and I fell face first into the snow. The pain had been intense in my head, and I could only breathe and hear. My dad was panicking by trying to do CPR. He had flipped me over, and he didn’t know to check my pulse. He told my youngest brother, “Go and get help!”                                

My grandparents’ trailer was 6 acres away through snow that was 18” deep. My brother was so scared, that he ran non-stop to the trailer. By the time he had reached the house, he couldn’t even breathe or communicate what had happened in the woods. My grandparents finally understood what had happened, and they called the neighbors. They brought all four of their boys and their dad with them to help. It took all seven of them to get me out of the woods because of the snow and because I couldn’t move a muscle.                                                       

They got me to my parents’ car, and my grandmother took a bucket of snow into the backseat with us. My dad drove like a wild man to the nearest hospital, which was about 13 miles away. My grandmother would not let me go to sleep by using the snow on my face. We got to the hospital, and they got me in right away. I was getting ready for testing, and they cut my clothes off to do the X-rays needed. The doctors and the nurses were working extensively, however I knew that they were losing the battle. My vitals were fading fast and things went Code Blue. My mother was a nurse, so I knew that this was not good.                       

I could feel myself dying, the human part of me knew that I was dying, and darkness took over. I was talking to God as this was taking place, and I felt that I didn’t get a chance to do much in life.                              

I knew what my vital signs were as I was talking with God. I was still, and my brain couldn’t talk to my limbs. I had to let God take control of my body, but I didn’t like being out of control of my body. I didn’t know what was going on as far as to why this accident had happened, as I had thought that I was a very good Christian. I kept wondering why this was happening. I couldn’t imagine what my family was going through, as my sister had just passed away four years earlier, from epilepsy.              

I had accepted Christ into my heart when I was four years of age, and I was so frustrated with my life ending like this and so early.                       

Darkness had really come upon me by then, and this was when the two Angels had come upon me and we took off in flight!                            

Standing at the entrance to the tunnel, I was just in awe of the faces of the Angels. They were so beautiful, and they made me feel so safe, having folded me within their wings along the way!                            

Along the way and then standing there, I realized that “all” of the Bible verses that I had ever learned were turning into a reality. “The peace that passes all understanding…” it was so real! Then, the Angels set me on a path and motioned for me to continue walking into the tunnel to the other end. As I proceeded toward the bright light, I could see that the bright light was Christ!!! My mind was racing and I didn’t know if I should be on my face or what I should do. Jesus just told me to, “Be Still,” in a peaceful voice, but not with His actual voice, but I could hear Him through my mind and my whole being.                                         

I just stood still and listened, and I could also see people who I knew in Heaven! Within the Spirit, I could understand that Jesus knows everything that is going on in all of our lives, and that He cares for us all. There was no sense of ‘time.’ No urgency. I was just in the moment. In front of Jesus, it was tantalizing, and I could understand how much that He loves me. I could tell that He wanted me to share His love with others. I can’t describe His eyes any way other than to say that they are beautiful! The best way that I can describe the way that He was communicating with me was something like a mental telepathy.             

Jesus then showed me a Storehouse in Heaven. This was a Storehouse of blessings for people who didn’t ask for things that they could have asked for and received. When they didn’t pray and ask, this Storehouse is where their unused blessings are located.                 

Christ told me how proud of me that He was, and how much that He loved me. I was given a mission. Jesus told me that I needed to share His hope and love with others every day. My mission was to let others know of the hope and love of Jesus! But, Jesus gave me a choice to stay or come back to Earth and be who He needed me to be on this mission.     

I responded by saying, “Let’s do this!” And Jesus smiled, and the two magnificently beautiful Angels flew me back underneath their folded wings.                                                                                           

I awoke with a splitting headache in the middle of the night. I left the hospital about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I had to pinch myself, because what an experience that I shared with no one until it was several decades later. Only when my dad went to meet Jesus did he find out about my experience.                                               

I can recall that at the age of 3, I first started to ask many questions about Jesus. Out of a total of my Grandfather’s ten brothers, only one of them was saved. It was at his church where I had come to know about Jesus, and then accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 4.      Jesus now leads me to people to know of His hope and love. Each day, I try to show others the love of Christ through hugs, kind words, encouragement, and any way that I can, including to testify to them of the incredible love of Jesus!                       

All these years later I go on roller coaster rides from time to time. But obviously the best roller coaster ride that I was ever on was during my Christmas break in 1976! Below are my favorite Bible verses, which I lived through in my experience to Heaven.   

Jesus said in Mathew 7:7-8 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; For every one that asks receives; and he that seekethfindeth: and to him that knocks it shall be opened

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.  


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