By Rhonda Childs

     On Christmas morning in 1998, my daughter Hannah and I were traveling early to celebrate Christmas with some family members. We’d left our house sometime around 7:00 that morning. The weather overnight had cast a dusting of snow on the ground along with some sleet. The trip normally took about an hour and fifteen minutes from our house to theirs. As we traveled along it was evident that there was more ice on the roadway than we had originally thought, and the driving was treacherous. There was hardly any traffic due to the weather and with it being early morning on Christmas, and we were driving on all secondary roadways.   

    The radio was playing Christmas music softly, and the atmosphere in the car was unusually quiet. With a family member driving, I had the luxury to be looking out the window and I was talking silently to God, thanking Him for His beloved Son. The birth of Jesus had always fascinated me. I would imagine Mary giving birth to the Son of God; a Savior for the world! I’d also visualize a multitude of Angels celebrating the birth of the Christ child, and going out to the shepherds in the fields to announce His Holy birth. The lowly manger in which He was in, and the star of Bethlehem shining brightly for the wise men.           

    I prayed for peace upon the earth for this special day. I thanked God for my family and the goodness in our lives. I wished Jesus a happy birthday and told Him how much that I loved Him! I then asked Jesus to get us to our destination safely with no incidents. I then got very specific in my prayer; asking Him to place Angels around our car to keep us safe and sound. I thanked Him in advance for safely getting us there, as I believed in my heart that He would! I remember feeling joyful and at peace with His presence there with me, and I even smiled as I looked out my window.                         

    It was right then, that my six year old daughter tapped me on the shoulder, and when I turned around to face her she whispered, “Mom, there’s Angels flying on both sides of the car!” Astonished; I said, “What did you say?” She repeated herself, “Mom there’s Angels flying on both sides of the car!” Tears welled up quickly in my eyes and I said to her, “Hannah, I’d just finished praying for Jesus to place Angels around our car, to keep us safe and to protect us!” She smiled excitedly at me with her big hazel eyes! She then turned her attention to looking back out the window.                       

    I felt a presence in that car of divine love and joy! The King of Heaven gave my daughter and I this incredible blessing to witness on Christmas that was beyond words! Tears of joy ran down my face, I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful Christmas day! As I gazed out the window I could not see the Angels, but my daughter had after I prayed for them, and I felt the love of our Father in Heaven, giving the world the perfect gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

By Rhonda Childs:                      

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