Written by Rhonda Childs

    On a late spring afternoon in 1988, I was driving back to my home in Roanoke, Virginia, after a visit with my parents, who lived in Covington, Virginia. No matter how many times that I had driven on Route 220, I never got tired of the view. I was enjoying driving along in my blue Honda CRX 2-seater with a manual-shift. The rolling hills and mountains with beautiful by-ways interlaced with the rivers and streams. The trip consisted of an hour of total driving time.

    Three quarters of the way into the trip and with only fifteen-minutes to go, I exited to get onto Interstate 81 South. Shifting gears, as I approached the end of the exit ramp, flashing road work signs and congested traffic came into my view. At a complete stop, I looked up ahead and I could tell that the traffic was slower and bottle necked at one point. I glanced to my left and saw a long stream of traffic approaching. In a quick split decision, I decided I could make a move into the Interstate traffic.       

    Taking my foot off of the brake and onto the clutch, I put my car into first gear. Just as I was accelerating, I suddenly heard a man’s voice within my car loudly commanding, “STOP! DON’T GO!”  

    I was startled, but immediately obeyed this command by putting my foot on the brake, coming to a complete stop! Time seemed to cease. I looked behind my seat to see who was in my car. At the same time, I already knew that no one could be there. Turning my head back around and seeing the Interstate, a black SUV flew right past me and smashed into cars from both lanes that had come to a stop. A domino effect took place and this collision had the stopped cars plow into other automobiles in front of them.

    I heard sounds of metal hitting metal, glass breaking, and screeching tires from other drivers frantically trying to stop! I immediately knew that a divine occurrence had just happened. One of God’s Angels seemed to have intervened with God’s perfect timing, and saved my life! I put my head on the steering wheel, and I prayed thanking the Lord for saving my life.                          

    As I gathered myself, I looked and saw a catastrophe of smashed cars piled up, and smoke was billowing. I made a decision to go call for assistance. Shaking, I bypassed the accident by driving in the emergency lane. I knew that there was a convenience store at an exit not too far away. I went inside and told an attendant about the terrible events that I had just witnessed, and I asked him to call emergency services. My legs were shaking and I slid down to the floor. The events of the accident kept playing over in my head, and I felt zoned out of the current reality of where I was.                          

    In the distance, I could hear sirens. I must have sat there for around five minutes, and the attendant was kind enough to bring me a Coke, and he asked if I was okay. As I drove myself home, I prayed for the victims, and I contemplated why God had saved my life. I was in my mid-twenties and I wasn’t living my life as a child of God. I was living in the ways of the world, on a path of destruction.       

    It was very obvious to me, that God had given me another chance. I believed that God had saved me for a reason, and I would have to wait to find out what that reason was.                  

Give the glory to God!                                                                 

Shalom and blessings, Rhonda Childs: OneLostSheepMinistry33@gmail.com

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