Part 1 From Suzy Noel-Bradley

   In 1994, I was in church for a woman’s prayer service. The leader was an exceptional intuitive leader. She was teaching a group of us; how we could hear from the Holy Spirit.                       

During this time period in my life, my two sons wanted to go and live with their father. They really didn’t know him as I knew him. But, I allowed it since they were becoming teenagers.                               

I missed them and wanted to know if they would ever return home to me. The leader walked up to me and said, “I know that you have visions from the Lord and I know that you hear from the Holy Spirit.” I was shocked that she knew that about me because I kept it quiet from most people.                                                                          

I began to tell her that I wanted to ask God if my boys would ever come back home. She told me to close my eyes and think about them and God would show me. I did as she instructed.

I know that God comes and goes with His own will, but also that we can seek and reach out to Him as well.

I closed my eyes, and suddenly I felt a sense of Holiness and I also saw a vision way above me, and I knew it was of Heaven, a Heavenly feast. But it was something that didn’t make any sense to me right then as to what the meaning was, and why God was allowing me to see this vision.                                                                                   

The vision was of my son Stevie dressed in royal purple, like from a royal family. There was such a peace, and there was a sense with everyone present, of almost how a marathon runner would feel running across a finish line, relieved that they had made it. Although everyone present was not of an earthly related family, there was a joy of a Heavenly bond of family between everyone.                             

Stevie was in a Heavenly scene with a very large table. It had a beautiful white flowing table cloth and the table was dressed with an enormous feast for a King! There was gold of everything, and a lot of other colors surrounding the table that was very inviting, luminescent, and bright. It was almost like the food was exciting.               

It was so overwhelming that it could make someone’s mouth drop. There were gold dishes, gold goblets, and a gold bowl with a huge pile of assorted fruits. There was also an assortment of foods that seemed as if it was every kind that one could imagine. There were a number of tall gold candelabras. Everything was extravagant, definitely orchestrated for a King.

I saw many people around my son and they were enjoying the amazing feast in front of them. My son Stevie looked very happy and content, as he was part of the entire Kingdom. It was like watching an old movie where the King, Queen, and Knights, family and friends, were celebrating a victory.                                                      

Thereafter, I then told the leader about my vision of this Heavenly scene, and she looked at me very strangely. She didn’t say a word and walked away quickly.              

I didn’t know what to make of her response. This was our last contact before she and her family moved away. Many years later, thinking it through, I realized that she might have known the interpretation of the vision and didn’t know how to tell me.                                                                               

For many years, I just couldn’t figure out what on earth that this vision was about.                                 

But seven years after the church gathering, on March 21st, 2001, at the age of 21, my son Stevie died in a horrible car accident.         

It wasn’t until a few years after Stevie died that I realized that I had had a vision of Stevie in Heaven. Piecing things together later was when I realized that it was, in deed, seven years prior to Stevie’s death that I had a vision of him in Heaven.                                                             

On the day of Steve’s death, I was suffering beyond comprehension after the police officer had called and told me of the tragedy. My husband at the time was driving us to Pottstown, Pennsylvania, to the police station, in the jurisdiction of where Stevie had passed away.            

Suddenly, en route, God allowed me to hear Stevie’s voice, and it was as if I could feel Stevie’s spirit within mine as he talked. Remarkably, Stevie was excited to give me a message. “Mom, this was supposed to happen. It’s okay. I had to go so that you and Matthew could do God’s ministry work.”                                     

When I told my husband at the time, what had just happened, he was not supportive of me in the regards of this amazing blessing that God had just given me. Matthew was my other son, who was 17, and at that time, he was distant from the Lord and the ways of God.             

Matthew had actually found out before I did that Stevie passed away. When the police officer was at Matthew’s home and told him of what had happened to his brother, Matthew suddenly took off and ran directly toward a window that was on the third floor to jump out of it and commit suicide. The police officer immediately ran after him, and just barely grabbed Matthew by his pants and pulled him in, saving his life.       

Later, I was at my parent’s home, suffering beyond any type of understanding. Stevie had been drinking and driving at 100 miles an hour in a terrible downpour. His car had gone through a pole and then hit a second pole, at which point his door flew open, and he was thrown from his vehicle. His entire body was mashed on a metal pole.         

I had another son named Aaron who had also died years earlier at the age of three months. This was all too much to bear, now losing a second son. I hadn’t been able to talk about losing Aaron for eight years, and I had been mad at God. I was furious. I was a good Christian for many years, and I could not understand why this was happening to me. Suffering beyond comprehension, I prayed to God and said, “God, you have to let me know where my son Stevie is. I can’t take another breath.”

Part 2 A sneak preview from the book, ‘Thank You, Jesus,’ Written by James Rathman           

     Suzy was lying on a couch suffering from her son Stevie passing away only a few hours prior. Suddenly, she saw a brilliant bright white light that was so great that she couldn’t believe that she was not being blinded. But the bright light was also soft to her eyes, and she was surrounded in it by a surreal Heavenly scene of a peace and a pure love passing all understanding.

The Godly light and the peace and love, were all as one, and spectacular; falling upon Suzie, and then immersed, as one, within Suzie’s spirit.

Then, all of a sudden, in a brief instant ~ a magnificent, tall, white glowing Angel of light came directly in front of Suzy!

The Angel was huge, approximately 13-15 feet tall, and holding her son Stevie, who had just passed away that day.

Stevie had a bright, radiant smile on his face! He looked at peace, with Suzie realizing that it was a long time since she could recall when he had ever looked so peaceful!

Suzy was happy and relieved to see her son so happy and at peace. Stevie had always taken on everyone’s problems in this world, and his caring heart had taken a toll on him over the years.

Then, the Angel gave Suzy some extra time to absorb and take in the immensity of what was transpiring. This included that the Angel and Stevie were perpetually, in flight, above the ground, but stationary in one location.

Suzy suddenly had a joyful laugh, seeing her son’s feet dangling below a white robe, recalling that Steve never wanted to be bare footed as a child. The Angel was holding Stevie almost as if he was a little doll.

The wings of the Angel were absolutely huge, massive, powerful, and beyond any type of earthly beautiful. The Angel opened and closed his wings slowly and gently, three times, but having immensity of power that could be heard within a woooooshing sound each time that he did so.

As Suzy looked on, mesmerized, the Angel suddenly ~ took off, in fast flight with her son Stevie, with Suzy hearing the wings of the Angel making another woooshing sound!                                                                                                                                            

For years, the image and memory of the magnificent Angel of light, and her Stevie, was ingrained into Suzy’s memory, including the exact details of the Angel and how her son’s face was radiating in joy. Suzy felt compelled to paint a picture of this experience. However, her artistic background was limited to landscaping art. She had never painted a face or wings before, and was at a loss in the regard to accomplish this task.                                                                                       

Meanwhile, and miraculously, it seemed that over twenty people who attended Stevie’s funeral had accepted Jesus as their Savior right at the funeral home, maybe as a wake-up call to witnessing mortality so closely.                                                                                                                 

Suzy told me more of the details about Stevie’s funeral:

“There was a line to leave the funeral parlor after the service, and everyone had to walk past me to get out. There were many young people in attendance, and as each of them approached me to leave the building, I asked them, ‘have you accepted Jesus as your Savior?’ If someone said, ‘No,’ I pointed and yelled at them, ‘back of the line!’”                                                                                                

At a later date, Suzy told me, “one of the reasons that I think that the Lord has been blessing me so well over the years with  manifestations, is because I have a big mouth, and God knows that I will use it to say His name!”

We cracked up laughing when she told me this, and we then laughed harder, realizing it was probably true.

Suzy likes to speak her mind, especially about the Lord Jesus. Suzy is a Christian who is not shy at all to say “Jesus.” She is thankful to God for the chance to help other people. This includes helping to give the same hope that she has been given so undeservingly, to know of and have, eternal life through Jesus Christ.                                                    

Suzy wasn’t exactly sure as to how many people actually truly accepted Jesus as their Savior that day, or how many people were just too scared of Suzy, to say that they didn’t. But, many people were touched by the combination of seeing their friend having passed away along with Suzy’s diligence to say the Lord’s name. One of the young men, who seemed to accept Jesus at Stevie’s funeral: died only months later.

Six years had passed, and thirteen years total since Suzie had the Heavenly vision with Stevie in it. Suzy still carried in her heart; a strong desire to paint a picture of the Angel of light and Stevie.

She had diligently researched the internet and other varying sources for those six years, as to find an Angel picture resembling Stevie’s Angel, to aid her in the project. After much searching and not able to find anything resembling of such, the Holy Spirit compelled her to paint the Angel and Stevie.                 

Suzy put everything into the hands of the Holy Spirit. She started to pray and paint on a kitchen wall, only knowing in her mind, but vividly, the intricacies and details of the Angel and how her son appeared on that day, but not having a clue as to how to convey that onto a wall.

She was painting for long hours off and on over the course of months. This included, on one day, for 15 hours, always praying first, as she knew that she had no idea on how to go about things.

Pertaining to the painting of Stevie’s face, she realized that the outcome was that Stevie appeared African, and then re-painting, he had had looked Hispanic. Then, she tried again, and Stevie appeared to be Mexican in his facial features.

Suzy tried once more to capture the appearance of her son. However, Stevie’s face then appeared to be from the country of India, and then trying again, his face looked to be that of an American Indian. When Suzy tried once again, the outcome was that Stevie appeared to be Eastern Asian.                                                      

Suzie was frustrated and wondering what was going on. She had never had such a problem getting colors to be exact in landscaping art, but it was more of wonder as to why the faces were turning out to be of so many cultures.

Years later, contemplating, she realized that God was giving her a message to pass on to others, that color and culture are all the same to Him; God sees us and loves everyone all the same.

When Suzie’s mother came by for a look at the painting when she was done, she broke down and cried, saying, “That looks exactly like Stevie. That’s Stevie!”                                                                   

The one difference in Stevie’s face from what they had remembered of him; was that his face was aglow with a bright, radiating smile, pertaining to how Suzy had seen him with the Angel of light.              

Suzy had painted a beautiful painting of the Angel and Stevie that was beyond her abilities. In her sleep, on repeated occasions during the course of the project, God showed her how to paint and detail the feathers of the wings. During the day, Suzy had received more instructions, on how to paint the feathers, every time that she closed her eyes and prayed, until completion.

The last little feather of the wing near the top of the Angel was the last piece of the entire work she did to finish the painting.                        

Right when Suzy was completely done and she put the brush down, she had a compelling feeling, she said, to look at her cell phone to view the time of the day.                                                                       

To her amazement, it was 3:21, and this was the exact date in which Stevie had passed away, on 3/21/2001.

Part 3 Suzy’s e-mail to James Rathman; years later…    

     James, I was in my car, eating in the parking lot of a fast food place. I saw a pretty little winter bird with a red beak, red crown, and red feathers on a tree branch not too far away from me. I wanted to get a closer look at him, so I prayed and asked, “God, can you please have this bird land on my windshield?” Before I could finish the sentence in my mind, the little bird flew; and landed directly onto my windshield!                             

My mouth dropped, and I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing! The little bird had eye contact with me, and it seemed like he was talking to me! He stayed there for about 15 seconds, but seemingly much longer because I was in a bit of shock! He then flew away onto a nearby tree branch.                                                               

I was so amazed that God answered my prayer, I thought I would do the fleece thing from the Bible, and this time I asked, “God, if I have a ministry leading souls to you, have the bird fly back and stay for a little bit longer.” 

I waited, and within 15 seconds, to my amazement, the little birdie came back and landed on my passenger side mirror and stared at me, and as if he were talking to me again, and he stayed a little bit longer just as I had asked!                                                                  

So, since I was on a roll, I thought I would ask God, “God, if I will have a really big ministry for bringing souls for you, then have this little birdie do the same thing, but, a little bit longer.”               

Once again, the little birdie came back and sat on the mirror, as if he was talking to me! And he then flew off again to a nearby tree.                                                      

So, this time I asked, “God. If you have a big ministry for me, should I write a book or do public speaking?” And guess what, the pretty little birdie never came back! Ha ha! Suzy

Part 4 By Suzy Noel Bradley

     “James. I had a vision from God awhile ago, and the Holy Spirit told me that Stevie’s story would go worldwide, many people would hear about Stevie. It would help God for His glory. But I told you that God doesn’t want me to write a book or do public speaking, so I can’t imagine how this is going to happen?!”

Part 5 By Suzy Noel Bradley                                            

     Suzie testified that she was at a church gathering at someone’s home. And then, “I was suddenly struck with what seemed like a bolt of lightning coming down into me from Heaven, with the Holy Spirit pulling me directly out of my chair into a standing position! I didn’t have a choice, but to stand up really quickly.                 

The Holy Spirit had come upon me fast and gave me three messages to quickly give to James Rathman. I went into another room for privacy and called James on the phone and told him what had happened, along with the three messages from the Holy Spirit.         

One of the messages corresponded directly with a life threatening situation that James was in right at that moment, with the message most likely saving his life. It was exact as exact as could be to the circumstances, including knowing the precise thoughts that James was having right at that moment. One of the other messages had long-term benefits that helped James for years, in times of crisis’, including for spiritual warfare, and with other needs. The third message has been forgotten.”

Part 6By Suzy Noel Bradley

     One morning while still asleep, I had a dream of standing in front of a bottomless pit. It was a very dark and scary black hole. I had silver masking tape wrapped around my waist a couple of times, and then it was stretched out and wrapped around my son Matthew, and then around my son Stevie, who was behind me.                 

In the dream, all of a sudden, I had a real feeling of falling down into a bottomless pit, and my sons were connected to me, falling as well.    

We kept falling, and in fear, I kept pleading with all of my heart to God for help, but we kept falling. The more that I pleaded, the faster that we fell.                                                              

At one moment, I realized that I was not trusting God, but instead I was begging in total fear. At that point, I knew that I needed to pray with faith and confidence, instead of calling out with fear. I then prayed to God for getting us out of the mess and taking care of the entire situation.

Just from the thought of this, we were all immediately brought out of the bottomless pit. I realized that a thought can be a prayer, and God then was answering the prayer.                                                     

I woke up from the dream, and thought that this had actually happened. About an hour later, my husband walked through the door, telling me that he had just lost his job.                                          

At first, I felt fear, but then, I recalled the dream, and said, “We need to thank the Lord, because he is going to get us out of this. We need to thank the Lord, as He is our provision and answer.”            

Thereafter, many miracles happened revolving around this dream and lesson. But, the lesson learned overall, was to never allow fear to take over, but to always have faith and confidence in God.

Suzy Noel Bradley

Psalm 37:5 Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass. 

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