By Rhonda Childs

    A Christian friend named James called me on the phone and told me that he just secured two reserved tickets for the Sid Roth Christian talk show. This was in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we were both excitedly talking about it. We had always enjoyed watching Sid Roth and his incredible guests; having assorted and amazing encounters and manifestations from our Heavenly God. We both also got great entertainment from the personality of Sid Roth, including his charm, wit, and unique and endearing humor and faith.                                      

My friend James told me that the Lord had laid it upon his heart that we were to take a couple of my wooden, glow in the dark, Jesus Loves Me plaques, to give as a gift to Sid and his assistant who worked for the show; who had given us the free reserved tickets.                      

Decades prior, and at a young age, I had experienced trying difficulties. Someone from one of my Vacation Bible Study groups, in the summer months, had given me a wooden, glow in the dark, Jesus Loves Me plaque. I hung it up on my bedroom wall. Those three words, Jesus Loves Me, helped to give me hope through those childhood difficulties. I would look up at the words, Jesus Loves me, and I knew that Jesus loved me, even though I was having a lot of problems. I could also feel the Lord’s Holy Spirit at an early age.                                  

I had a desire for many decades to re-invent; wooden, glow in the dark, Jesus Loves Me plaques, and distribute them to as many people as possible to give other children the same hope that I had through its message. I hoped for years; that within my lifetime, I could do so.               

I come from a small town, where I was born and raised, in Covington, Virginia. However, with confidence and faith, I matter-of-fact thought very big, when it came to these plaques and its message of how Jesus loves. I wanted children to have them, worldwide!

So, there James and I were, a week or so later, meeting, and then taking off together with excitement for a very long drive of many hours to Charlotte and back.                                                                           

We were suddenly off to see Sid Roth and his show, and trusting in the Lord in taking two wooden, glow in the dark, Jesus Loves Me plaques: for whatever the reason the Holy Spirit was guiding us to do so. I didn’t try to guess too much anymore into what the outcome would be when the Lord was guiding. God is Holy, and the most obvious or most remote guesses for the outcome of God’s guidance, were almost always overshadowed by a Godly Divine purpose that I could never have the capacity to think of.                                             

As we drove, we were both in high spirits and full of joy! We had both been through many hardships from right before we had met, years prior, and still had a number of pressing and trying difficulties in life. This was exciting to go have some Spirit-led and filled: fun and enjoyment.                                                              

The day was growing into being very hot and humid. We stopped for lunch at a fast-food Christian establishment, and James’ admittedly, beaten-up, high mileage, silver 2004 Chevy Blazer, wouldn’t start when we were done eating.                                                                                    

I felt badly for him. And he insisted that I get out of the heat after a number of futile efforts to start the Chevy. So, I went inside to get out of the heat and pray.                                                                                   

I could tell that James did, in fact, feel badly, including that also, maybe he felt that he was letting me down by quite possibly, now, missing the show, or being to it late.                                               

James was receptive to me teaching him anything that I could about the Lord and His Word, as he was only a Christian for three years when I first met him. He didn’t know much about praying, including the importance of believing with faith, and that singing along with others in church was an act that included the fellowship of love and praise for God.                                                                                                 

And right then, as I watched him across the parking lot trying to repeatedly start the Chevy, I felt assured that James would keep praying with faith. However, the Blazer was just not starting. I knew that some things were providence. Some situations might have an intercession from God, but at other times, a situation wasn’t changeable, no matter what. I felt his frustrations, and kept praying hard myself, wanting the Chevy to turn over to go to the show, but also to make him feel better.                   

I couldn’t imagine how exasperated that he must have been feeling at about the half hour mark; when the Chevy still would not start. He had to be hot, and he also had a bad heart as well. James had the front hood up, and was going back and forth from looking at the engine area; with the humidity – whether he was inside or outside of the car, only getting worse. It had become scorching hot outside as the day continued, and I kept praying.        

Finally, the Chevy Blazer turned over and started!                           

Thank God! I saw James have a big smile on his face and he hurried to close the hood. I took off outside to him and the Chevy, and he simultaneously pulled up part of the way to meet me. We took off with some extra excitement, but also with some worriment because of how much time had passed; and we didn’t want to miss the show.  

Then, not long after, our situation suddenly became worsened. I had never heard of the traffic jams at Lake Norman, North Carolina. However, and apparently, this was a fixture that everyone else knew about from that area or who regularly traveled through that area.                       

It was really hot by then on the roadway, and dusty; from some very serious major construction work that was happening.                             

There was only one lane of traffic heading in either direction. The other lanes were blocked off; for work. A large media area, between the opposite lanes of the roadway, was filled with many types of heavy equipment, workers, much going on, and as stated; dust was blowing around.                                                                            

My mind was racing in many directions of thought. This included the logistics of the sudden traffic jam, as well as wondering: what type of testimonies that we would hear about our living God at Sid Roth’s show. He never had guests on, with less than amazing testimonies pertaining to our living god.                   

One time, sitting with James on the rear deck of my home while he was visiting, the Holy Spirit poured upon us both in a manifestation of varying characteristics that words could never describe!!! I was suddenly; in a completely timeless state of euphoria; having a great feeling of ‘absolute stillness.’ I could sense; no time!                    

There was a beautiful serene Holy peace upon me that was clearly Heavenly: not of this world! A thickness of Holiness stayed present, and I absorbed the Holy Spirit of God in a splendor so spectacular, that it was past all understanding. To be, at one moment, who I was of this world, and the next moment, to be in such a presence of Godly peace, love, and timelessness; brought more awareness to the immensity of what was happening right then from our living and loving God                                   

As James and I talked during the manifestation, he testified that; in his view of the forest area that was behind my deck, that that area and all things even closer and just outside of himself; appeared that he was inside of a bubble, looking out at the world, and no longer of the world.                                                                        

I told him that it seemed that this particular part of the manifestation might be translated to include; he was being protected from the world by the Holy Spirit of God.                                                               

James testified that the Holy Spirit’s peace was through and through him, as one within him completely, with no part of his body vacant of the Holy Spirit. He described some of the manifestation, just as described in the Bible, as a peace passing all understanding.                                       

We were hopefully going to see Sid Roth and make it on time, and I was excited that we might witness some amazing testimonies within the next few hours.                                                                                       

James, about 4 years apart, was taken to Heaven and to Hell, and had incredible descriptions of these two locations.                                      

In Hell, he testified; one aspect was: people faced their truths. James testified that he was taken by the Lord to the better part of Hell. He elaborated that the better part of Hell was so bad, that he would plead with the most wicked human being on the planet, to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior and not go there. James reiterated with conviction: it is bad, beyond any words, in Hell.                                                       

Amazingly, he told me that Jesus took him to Hell out of love, to face one truth of a wicked root that he had been holding onto for decades; since his teenage years. He told me that over the years, that he could feel this particular evil in him at times, in his thoughts and soul, and that it was a recurring temptation of something from this world. He considered that maybe it was an inherent human trait that either all, or many people had. ‘Just maybe, normal,’ he thought at times, for a human being to have this particular trait.                                               

“Well,” he said after coming back from Hell, “I was wrong!”                      

James testified that he suffered in Hell beyond what anyone could consider that suffering could be. He said that Jesus, who was trying to gently have James “GET IT,” and repent and pray away the evil root and never again entertain it, was doing so in gentle steps, to give James the least amount of suffering until he finally understood, and repented and prayed away the evil root permanently.                                                    

In Hell, Jesus kept upping the exposure to this one truth of James. He said that he finally understood just as something very bad was to take place, which would have yielded even greater enlightenment to the truth of the results of James entertaining that evil root over the years. James suddenly understood truth, his truth; in reflection to the truth of Jesus Christ; and called out very quickly, “JESUS JESUSJESUS!”               

My friend said with conviction; that he had called out to Jesus, three times, with great alarm and all senses past being on high! When he was about to receive a small dose of what his truth was yielding over the years against God, himself and others; Jesus wisped him immediately out of Hell!                                          

He said that he was; scared straight, immediately, not to entertain thoughts of that sin anymore! He felt that he would never again engage with those thoughts. But later, as time went on, he said, this outlook tailed off, and occasionally he entertained some thoughts of that sin after it came into mind. He explained; that due to having that evil root for so long, which James said facilitated more than likely, 1,000 plus sins within his lifetime, he still had to fight off occasional thoughts of temptations, but with less frequency, by getting more used to life without that evil root.                                                                                       

Repenting a sin, he stated, such as a regrettable word spoken or action committed, should, of course, be what one should do. But he testified, that he had learned from God: that if it is a recurring word or action; deep meditation prayer might be needed to allow the Holy Spirit to guide, to first detect any evil roots, to then have a basis to address and stop a particular recurring sin through specific prayer.                      

James testified that there is no grace in Hell after the passing of the flesh. People have to just simply sincerely repent their sins and accept Jesus as their Savior and tell Jesus that they would like to start a relationship with Him; for the beginning of an eternal relationship in paradise that never ends.                

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;         

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace ye are saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.     

Romans 10:13 Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.         

I really wanted to get to the TV studio and watch the show, and get out of this mess that we were in. It was a not a good situation to be in, when traffic was moving so slowly, that road workers were standing right next to your car and making eye contact with you, and you could strike up a conversation with them if you wanted to. We were really stuck; in very slow-moving traffic, and there was much to think about.

James’ testimony of Heaven was over the top, and unique. His testimony is wisdom and enlightenment driven, more than even any descriptions of Heaven. Heaven, he testifies; is something that he wants to tell many people about, but he doesn’t like to talk about it for only one reason: he feels that he is shorting God. My friend testifies that there are no words to describe the love, peace, wisdom, calm, and other glory of God.                                

For four years, the Holy Spirit of God put a block to James; and he wasn’t allowed to talk about the experience. And then one day, he said that the Holy Spirit gave him a particular understanding of wisdom relating to the why, of a unique blessing that had happened to him in Heaven. And thereafter, the Holy Spirit gave James the go-head and guidance to tell others of his amazing experiences in Heaven.                

As we were mostly sitting there, and inching along, my mind kept racing with many thoughts: and I was wondering more about the Sid Roth show, and what it would be like to be in the live TV audience. I had never witnessed a show on TV by Sid Roth that was even mediocre in quality, but always spectacular! He always had incredible guests, including those having experiences with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, people going to Heaven and back, God’s Angels, visions, dreams and spiritual warfare. I was wondering what was going to happen on this show; if we made it, as we were in a traffic jam of all traffic jams.                 

So, there we were. Dust was blowing all over the place, and at times, we had to crack the windows on our car doors and turn off the air conditioning; because, if not, the Chevy might stall out.                        

The Chevy Blazer was covered in dust, and we were either at a crawl or completely stopped at times. There seemed; ‘no way out’ of the seriously condensed traffic as far as the eye could see down the roadway.     

At one point, we were completely stopped for a long while, and the traffic jam was, at best, moving slowly, for about an hour.             

Now, we were really running late. We might not even make it to the show at all. This was very disheartening, and we had left plenty early to arrive ahead of time.                                                        

Sitting idle, James pulled out a map, and considered trying to turn off onto one of only a few side roads that existed, trying to weigh out; if going onto a different route might help us get to see Sid Roth and his show in which we were so counting on.                                          

Finally, amazingly, traffic broke! And we took off fast!                   

James kept calculating our speed and the distance in which we needed to go to get to the show, to see if it was possible to get there on time. He kept giving me updates, and was increasing the speed of the rickety Chevy.     

Every few minutes, he kept comparing our speed and the mileage remaining; and updating me. It was as close as close could be that we would make it to the show exactly on time. It did seem, almost exact, that we would get there just as the show would start, and we really needed to be there a little early; the assistant had told James. Also, we weren’t familiar – once we got off of the highways, on how to get there. We had it all mapped out, and the directions written down; but it was in the back of my mind, that this can be different than successfully executing the driving part of it.                                                    

I don’t really want to testify and write in this story, as to how fast that we were suddenly increasing to and going, but we were all of a sudden; going really fast. But, we were not to the point where we were unsafe to other cars. James was, in fact, keeping a safe distance from other cars. But we were going fast.                          

~ Life could me amazing at times, including in its sudden changes. At one point, there was dust flying all over the place and we had been idling and still on a hot highway without air conditioning at times, and pressed for time, with our hopes to have some entertainment; on the fringe of being dashed. But, there was also a real possibility to suddenly hear some great testimonies and be a part of Sid Roth’s TV audience. The next moment of life, someone could also be suddenly experiencing a manifestation from our living God of Heaven!   

We were mostly still in good spirits, and had excitement and hope to see the show, but part of me, without saying so, was nervous about making it on time.                                                                                  

In James’ testimony of going to Heaven and back, James said that he had gone to bed for a good night’s sleep. He woke up, and was suddenly in two places at once! He was, in bed, with the Holy Spirit upon him in a powerful euphoria of peace passing all understanding, and also, up HIGH, somewhere, but not sure exactly where, but in Heaven somewhere.                                                                                       

He said that he was, as one,as one could be, within the Holy Spirit of God, through and through him. Although he kept learning more and more wisdom about his trip to Heaven in the subsequent years thereafter, he testified that his particular personal experience revolved around three spectacular manifestations.                              

James said that a Holy euphoria of peace passing all understanding and a purity of Holy calm different from the peace; were thoroughly within him. And that either one ~ if no one could ever see anything in Heaven, would have someone praising God and His glory forever and ever without end!!!                                               

My Christian friend spoke in awe, that this is how spectacular and powerful the peace and calm is in Heaven ~ that without ever seeing anything, without anyone ever opening their eyes, and just feeling either that peace or that calm; exceeding praise would effortlessly exude from that person, everlasting and without end!

The third primary blessing that he said he had experienced in Heaven was that wisdom, is flooded into a person in intensity past any and all human reasoning. However, he said, no one is overcome by that intensity, but in a state of Holy peace and calm. He testified that as he was coming back into his body in his bed, that he had no recollection of the specific wisdom that was given to him, but had the testimony to give; that spectacular wisdom is one of the amazing blessings that someone will receive in Heaven.                                                                

James said that he looked up into the sky one evening at a lot of stars, and knew that all of the energy of all of the stars that are in existence combined, was as the head of a pin, next to nothingness as nothingness could be, compared to the energy from the love that he had felt through and through him, when Jesus had come to him on another occasion.              

I know that I had wept as I had never wept before; in exceeding joy, when Jesus came to me suddenly one day! His Holy Spirit of extraordinary Heavenly joy and love was beyond any words or comprehension! But, it was the combination of the Spirit of Jesus’ joy and love coming upon me, and being in complete disbelief that Jesus would come to me; Rhonda, a great sinner and so undeserving to receive any blessing: that had me weeping in such joy.                                        

The Lord Jesus had a conversation with me on a number of occasions. And I wrote those conversations down on paper as they were happening. I felt the Holy Spirit of God guiding me to do so, and I would look at those words over the years and hold them dearly. I loved Jesus, and His love for me and all of His children from all nations, is simply beyond any comprehension. All that Jesus wants is for His children to repent their sins and to accept Him as their Savior to begin an eternal relationship with Him. Jesus simply wants to share His paradise of peace and love, with as many people as possible. Jesus truly is: Love!   

I was watching the roadway flash past, and getting excited to possibly see Sid Roth right in front of me as well. I was hoping to be able to give, or get one of his staff members to give Sid Roth, a wooden, glow in the dark Jesus Loves Me plaque.                                                    

James kept considering, calculating, and announcing the minutes and the mileage remaining to get there, and it still seemed that we were still breaking even to get there; right for when the show started. We were going as fast as possible and not being too ridiculous about it, but we didn’t seem to be making up for any lost time.        

Suddenly, we were at our exit to get off of the highway, and I read all of the streets to turn onto really fast to James. The last few roads to the building’s entrance were a bit tricky, but somehow we seemed to make up a little time, maybe just a few minutes, and I was grateful for this. We found a parking place right near the entrance way, parked, and made a quick bee-line to go into the television building. Thank you, God, we made it!                

As we walked in, we saw a front reception counter area in front of us, and a long line just to the right of us. We knew that this was a line for the reserved ticket holders. Other people were in another area, thank you, God, again; as the reserved line hadn’t even started to move into the studio yet!                                                             

As soon as we walked in, James, boldly, walked right up to the main counter, told the female assistant to Sid Roth that he had talked to on the phone and got the reserved tickets from: my name, pointing to me, and saying “Rhonda,” and was holding, for her to see: two wooden, glow in the dark, Jesus Loves Me plaques.     

With everyone in the line suddenly turning and listening ~ as James is not only fairly bold, he speaks with a louder voice than he realizes: James told the assistant:                                                                          

“Rhonda had a wooden, glow in the dark Jesus Loves Me plaque given to her at a Vacation Bible Study as a very young child. She hung it on her bedroom wall. The plaque gave Rhonda hope to get through many difficult times during her childhood. She used to look at the words, Jesus Loves Me, and clearly, the Holy Spirit had been upon Rhonda in a very special way as a child, and Rhonda matter-of-fact believed in Jesus.”     

James continued on and said, “those three very special words, Jesus Loves Me, helped to comfort her greatly through her childhood: glowing when the lights were turned out.”                                              

James went on to say, “for decades, Rhonda wanted to re-invent that plaque to get it into the hands of as many children as possible within her lifetime: to give them the same hope that she had as a child from the message. A few years ago,” James told the assistant, and with everyone still listening, “Rhonda realized that dream, and re-invented the wooden, glow in the dark Jesus Loves Me plaque.”        

“She was assisting in hand-making them, and every one of the plaques is exclusive in the coloring of the letters, fonts, and styles of the lettering.”                                        

James reached out with the two plaques, and offered, “here are two Jesus Loves Me glow in the dark plaques with Rhonda’s story on the back as a child, and her dream as an adult, to re-invent, make, and get as many plaques as possible to other children needing hope. Here is one for you for giving us the reserved seating, and one for Sid Roth, as a gift from Rhonda.”                                                                                      

“As stated, these plaques are exclusive in many ways, including that no one else in the world has glow in the dark Jesus Loves Me plaques with Rhonda’s amazing story on the back. The fact that they have these three wonderful words of hope, faith and encouragement, Jesus Loves Me, and that the letters glow in the dark, are all very unique. But with the combination of these things, with the story on the back of how the plaques were inspired, makes them one-of-a-kind!”                                     

~ I had no idea that James was going to do this! I think that he also had no idea or plans on doing that exact thing, or even giving any presentation, especially in front of so many people.                                   

    Probably, several dozen people who were in the reserved ticket line, were either turned and listening and looking at James and Sid Roth’s assistant, and or, probably everyone in the line could clearly hear James’ presentation of the plaques. As the assistant held the two plaques in her hands and was looking at them after James handed them to her ~ she was clearly touched and excited as she said, “My cup runneth over!”    

One  day, approximately a year prior and while in two different locations, James and I both had the Holy Spirit pour upon us and give us the same message pertaining to the plaques, ‘that they were God’s will,’ but we were to re-design them even more from the way that we had been doing.                                                      

I was on my knees praying back then, when I received that message from the Lord. About two days later, I drove to the home where James was residing. And to my surprise, he said that the Holy Spirit had come upon him with the same message, and that he had been working for three straight days, picking up specific lumber that the Lord even guided him to get. And was hand-making them with a newer sleeker-looking wood, with a nicer appearance to the story of the inspiration on the back, and a newer version of lettering and stain on the wood on the front. That day, as I looked at what he had done already pertaining to the changes in the plaque; I was excited that the plaques were really starting to develop nicely.                                                                    

By the time of that show, in 2017, we had only been able to hand-make about a few hundred of the plaques, as we did not have the funding or resources to do much else. But, we knew that things happen in God’s timing, and we even secured machine-cut glow in the dark lettering from San Francisco, that was vastly out-glowing what we were using in the past. The plaques had come together; and we just needed a sponsor for manufacturing, advertising and distributing, or some other way of getting them into the hands of the public.                

What made me really personally happy is that I had, for decades, wanted to re-invent the plaque that I had as a child, and have it distributed to children who needed hope in life. However, out of the few hundred people, at most, who had the plaques, much to our surprise, children of God from the ages of 5 to 99, were embracing the plaques and their message with excitement, and seemed genuinely to really like them. People would tell me at a later date at times, where they hung them at in their homes, or that they had given some of them as gifts to loved ones.                                

     That was it.                                                                                          

We could go home now, and forget about the show.  At least, that’s what James and I whispered to each other in jest, after he was done with the presentation and we went to stand in the back of the line to wait until we were all told to go into the TV studio audience.                                          

I felt good, even if we did, in fact, leave right then and went back to our homes after the response from Sid Roth’s assistant, “My cup runneth over!”                                                                                      

In the least, this was really quite a change from being caught up in that traffic jam, to such a reaction from the assistant, with how much the message on the plaques meant to me for many decades: Jesus Loves Me.

Still standing in the back of the line, James whispered, “I think that that was a blessing with all of those delays, the car not starting, the horrible traffic jam, and arriving last. The assistant was probably busy up until that point with everyone else, and when we did get here, it might have been the only lull that she had to hear about the plaques.”                

It really wasn’t hitting me all the way until around that point, that we were about to walk into a TV production, and it was going to be a live show!                                                                                    

Suddenly, the line started to move.                                                 

Sid Roth, having a live show, was a rarity, to the best of my knowledge, as I believed that Sid Roth, more times than not, usually taped his shows. Everyone in the line; got the first few front rows of seats. We had great seats, and were right near the middle, in front of where Sid Roth’s table was positioned for interviewing his guests. Things were really starting to look up!                                                        

We were waiting for the show to begin, and I was not prepared, in the least, for what was about to happen. I was really excited to be on an adventure like this!                                                                                

We were set in our seats, and the assistants were prepping everyone, very professionally, but with a comedic manner, at times, to lighten everyone up, about certain things to do and not to do, during a live show! In the TV studio; I was excitedly looking around at the layout and the different types of production equipment, as well as the actions of the staff. The lights, cameras, many large viewing TV screens, as well as assorted messages and pictures were flashing on the screens. All of the hustle and bustle of the staff was fun to see; while they were preparing and readying the show.                                                                           

The program director of the Sid Roth show and the assistant we gave the plaques to; began prepping the audience in even greater detail: on what to do, what not to do, and had everyone laughing in their delivery. But this broadcast was nothing to play around about, and they let us know this. It was a live show, and there was much at stake probably with the funding and work involved with such a show, but also the importance of a message for the Lord.                         

Next thing; and it was unexpected to me: one of the staff members prompted everyone in the audience to pray. Everyone went into prayer, and amazingly, a fair amount of people in the audience started to speak in tongues. I was thoroughly surprised by this.                                    

However, even more surprising was that a very powerful and sudden beautiful peaceful euphoria of the Holy Spirit came pouring upon the entire audience! It didn’t feel like I was in a TV audience anymore. It felt like a church congregation, and it was, at that point, truly, a church, and a church congregation.               

Things kept happening quickly and unexpectedly. It made sense though, that since we were at a Christian talk show where the host was famous for having guests experiencing Holy manifestations, that we were a Christian congregation getting ready for a testimonial service. I was in another world of euphoric Holy peace, and this prayer session went on for about ten minutes. Next thing…                                       

Sid Roth was introduced, TV cameras were scouring the audience, and we could see ourselves on the prompter on live TV!                                

Sid Roth excitedly introduced who his two guests would be. I was without any idea until right then, that this was a show having two different guests who didn’t know each other, and who were going to give testimonies of going to Heaven and coming back, including meeting with Jesus!                                                                        

I could see: James was happy, and I was happy, and I was so happy and joyful for many reasons, including and especially as to how the Holy Spirit poured upon the entire audience. The Spirit of the Lord’s presence was thick with Holiness and peace! I was elated, joyful and I couldn’t take the smile off of my face! The presence of the Holy Spirit and His Heavenly euphoria was past what any words could describe!!!          

Out walked the first guest, Jim Wohlford, to a very enthusiastic applause!

Jim testified, “I was an airplane pilot for many years, as well as not a believer in Jesus Christ. ‘Things,’ were my god. But my wife,” he made mention, “who is in the front row here of the audience, is a devoted and long term Christian.”                                                               

Continuing on, Jim stated, “I never gave thought to God, and felt that someone believing in God just needed a crutch. One day, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome, a debilitating painful condition that affects the nerves and that can be life-threatening.”                                                     

The engaging guest said, “I had begun taking medication for excruciating pain, as well as becoming dependant on my wife and a nurse for general necessities.”                                                              

“Over time, and one day while sitting in my truck; overlooking a field, the pain had gradually become so bad that I took an entire bottle of pain medicine. Suddenly, my hands, fingertips, feet, and then my torso area, began burning!”

Jim said, “I was shaking uncontrollably: and then I raised my hand and cried out, “God, forgive me.”

“After this short prayer, but that had much conviction and repentance, I fell forward and hit my head hard on the steering wheel. Suddenly, I realized that the pain was gone. I felt alive, great, and got out of my truck and walked away a bit.”                                                                            

“I looked back, and wondered who was sitting in my truck, and then I realized that I was looking at myself, bleeding from my mouth!” “Next thing, I felt myself rising, flying away; looking back at my truck and myself!

“I was looking up and felt myself flying at a high rate of speed toward a golden circle of light, and then suddenly, I was standing on the most beautiful grass!”                                                                          

Jim then elaborated, “Heaven was a feast for the eyes! This included that Heaven has an insurmountable amount of vivid colors past any human descriptions!”

“Suddenly, the green grass turned into brown, dark, and then dipped off into a crevice with a fire. Doors could be heard opening up with a creaking noise, and emerging; was the most hideous creature: a demon, calling me by my name!”                                                                           

“A sickening odor of death came out of a pit, and the demon was a form of a mass of dark clouds, having fiery eyes, screaming from within.” Jim said, “the creature knew who I was, was massive in size, and with glee, was looking to get his claws on me!”

Jim then stated, “I then felt a claw coming down my back! I quickly turned in another direction, and saw light in the distance, and cried out, ‘God, help me!’”


“Instantly,” Jim said, “there were three stars appearing in the distance and coming rapidly toward me, while saliva was dropping from the demon’s mouth who was behind me!”

“The stars were three Angels from God!!!”                         

“They flooded the area where I was at, with amazing light! The demon fled back into Hell, and the Angels took off in flight with me!” Jim then said with excitement, “I felt that I was born again, and I was eternally grateful to God!!!”                        

Jim continued on with this amazing testimony, stating, “I went to Heaven, I saw the Holy City of buildings of Light; built with blocks of Light, and saw The Halls of Knowledge, The Halls of Music, The Halls of Learning, and The Halls of everything that anyone wanted to learn about pertaining to the mysteries of God!!!”    

“Then,” Jim continued,” I was brought to a nursery. In the nursery, were aborted children whose spirits; God brought into Heaven!”

“I was shown my book of life by an Angel; my records, which were in the Hall of Records, of everything that I had ever done within my lifetime. The Angel pulled out my book for Jesus to read.”

“My book was a small thin book, no bigger than a dinner menu. I looked into the eyes of Jesus, and saw the apex of everything that I ever did.”

“Jesus smiled at me. And I looked into Jesus’ multicolored eyes, seeing sadness for the way that I had lived my life; sadness for the way that the human race had mostly rejected him, and I also saw an incredible love for me coming from Jesus!!!”                                                                    

“I also saw forgiveness for me, and I felt eternally grateful!!!”                                                              

…Sitting in the audience and still filled with the Holy Spirit, I was on the edge of my seat listening to the guest’s testimony! Jim Wohlford then revealed, “I have written a book called, ‘Heaven, an unexpected journey!’”

Suddenly, the studio went into a television commercial break.                      

The image of Jim’s book, and how to purchase it, were put up on a TV screen in front of us during a TV commercial break; that the home TV viewers apparently could also watch.                                            

An announcer for Sid Roth then stated that Sid had something called, The Heaven Package, that included a book called Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations, with two CD’s having sixteen people in them who had experienced life after death. That quickly, Jim’s testimony and interview was over.

The next guest, Gary Wood, was introduced. As soon as Gary sat down, he immediately and enthusiastically announced, “I could hear Heavenly trumpets sounding backstage before coming out here!!! They sounded like the same trumpets that I had heard in Heaven!”

Gary then testified, “I had been in an auto accident many years ago, went to Heaven, and came back. This was approximately fifty years ago, and I felt myself suddenly standing on top of a car, and then caught up in a funnel cloud of light that engulfed me! Angels began to escort me to Heaven as they were singing!”                                                     

Continuing on, Gary testified, “when I was in the automobile mishap, I later learned that my larynx was crushed, my vocal chords were severed, my neck was broken in three places, I was brain dead, and I died on the spot!”                                                             


     “The Angels took me to a beautiful grassy field with colors that cannot be described, also having diamonds sparkling all over the grass! I looked up and saw a city laid out in a square, having twelve foundations of stones with the Apostle’s names inscribed. The gates were made of pearl, and the bottom foundation was solid jasper. Jasper,” Gary said, “stands for the glory of God!!!”       

This guest also had me on the edge of my seat, and the presence of the Holy Spirit only seemed to grow and grow in the TV studio since that first prayer!

Gary then testified, “I was taken to a library that had prayer requests, spiritual growth records, and records of the people someone had helped come to Jesus.”

“Then, I saw Angels bow their wings! And shouting in joy: exuberant, as someone had just accepted Jesus as their Savior on earth!”

“In the library room, there is vast knowledge to keep learning,” Gary testified. “A child of God can keep learning supernatural things in Heaven! Learning doesn’t stop when we go to Heaven!”                         

The dynamic guest then said, “I could see the praises from the people on earth coming into Heaven…those who were praising God! I then saw someone on earth praying, who was given a miracle. But,” Gary detailed, “I saw someone else on earth lacking complete faith. Angels, at times, had to return after coming part of the way to earth, and take the miracle back to Heaven.”                                                                                     

Gary said that “before leaving Heaven, Jesus commissioned me to tell people the following things” –                                                                                                                                          

“Jesus said that there was a song to sing, a message to proclaim, a book to write, a missionary journey to take, and don’t ever buy into condemnation tactics from the devil: that you are unworthy.”

“I saw my name written in the book of life, and that all of my past transgressions were wiped out: ‘paid in full,’ by the precious blood of Jesus Christ!”                                                                                   

“Later, back on earth,” Gary said, “I found myself in the hospital for nine months of recovery. Jesus walked into the hospital room at one point, and I looked at the beautiful eyes of Jesus! Jesus put His hands on my throat, healing me, as a nurse walked in with breakfast, and she dropped the tray of food!”                

Sid Roth’s TV show then went into another television commercial break. Thereafter, Sid Roth, Jim Woldford and Gary Wood, joined together and sat up front closer to the audience, and talked and prayed together for awhile.                                                                                                                                                    

~The show was suddenly over, and everyone was standing and talking for awhile. However, Sid Roth had left and I was hoping to talk to him.At this point, I was filled with the peace of the Holy Spirit. James and I were talking with people separately in the television studio for awhile. Everyone was amped up, filled with excitement and the Holy Spirit’s presence was over the top powerful!                                               

About twenty minutes later, we were in the parking lot, and people were still talking amongst themselves out there.                                           

I started to talk with Gary Wood, who was emanating a powerful love from the Spirit of Jesus! We were done talking, and James came over to me and said, “I am so overcome with such a beautiful manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit that I think I am unable to drive home! I feel such a love and joy; beyond description!                                  

James continued and said, “I just saw you talking with Gary Wood. I came over hoping to talk with him as well, but I guess he is getting ready to get into his car.”                                                                        

We hurried over in his direction, and I started to talk to Gary again. Then, James asked him a question, which he said later, that he probably knew the answer to, but he mostly wanted to meet Gary and knew that he did not have much time.                                                                        

James asked, “What was the thing you recall most about Heaven; that sticks out in your mind the most?”                                                     


Gary; emanated the light and love of Jesus. The love of Jesus was just pouring out of him! He was; lit up! Gary’s book was called; A Place Called Heaven! A few months later, James said that the Lord told him to also write a book with the same name, A Place Called Heaven, and he did. It has almost two hundred devotionals, prayers for varying needs, articles, and 42 submissions that took James, years to gather. The book has testimonies of people having amazing experiences with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Heaven, Angels, visions, dreams, varying messages from the Lord, and assorted spiritual warfare. All of the content that he had placed in the book is exclusive; not found elsewhere.                                        

Gary had to leave, and we said good bye to him.                                         

Next thing, I was back in the silver Chevy Blazer, heading home to another world, barely able, at that point, even to discuss all that had happened. It was all, just so amazing! James said that he was okay to drive, and I knew: I was more than happy with the trip hours ago, just with the assistant commenting about the Jesus Loves Me plaques, “My cup runneth over.” 

Rhonda Childs Webb:

Psalm 23

1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside the still waters.

3 He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anoints my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Isaiah 43:2 When thou passes through the waters,                                                                            I will be with thee;                                                                                  and through the rivers,                                                                                            they shall not overflow thee:                                                                       when thou walkest through the fire,                                                                         thou shalt not be burned;                                                                                    neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

2nd Corinthians 1:3-4 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

1st Thessalonians 5:11 Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and encourage one another, even as also ye do.

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he that does go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

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