From James Rathman: Father, in the name of Jesus, pour out your Holy Spirit, yield my friend absolute faith! I pray in faith for my friend to have a big smile on their face very soon, in upcoming joy! Lord, pour out an intercession from your Holy Spirit for my friend to view you, other people, and the world in new enlightening ways, from your view. I pray to you Lord, as the desires of my heart include; help my friend to have much happiness and delight in their life! Pour out your Holy Spirit, thoroughly through and through my friend, in manifestations that they did not know was possible, in your unspeakable, otherworldly, Spiritual Heavenly presence! Have them on the outside of the world within your Holy Spirit, looking in; for perspectives of truth and sensations of peace. Allow my friend to feel Holy calm euphoria of love passing all comprehension, as one in your Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ! Let them know Jesus, Lord, lit up in eternal love! I praise your Holy Spirit to come directly and through others, for my friend to have clearer direction and confidence through knowledge of eternal things! I hope for a number of strangers to be kind to my friend, very soon, and overall. I pray for you to bring new and special people into their lives. This includes one or more remarkable influences, allowing my friend to know and feel…novel ways of what eternal love is…including appreciated, considered, and adored as they’ve never dreamt possible! I pray; let my friend know you as never before. Let moments happen, directly from your Holy Spirit and through others, so that my friend is enlightened from your presence, knowing you and your Holy presence closely…including with Holy calm comfort, and unerasable joy! Amen. Blessings and love to you in Christ, your friend, James Rathman: Evangelist

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