Written by Rhonda Childs Webb

    I had a vivid dream of enlightenment from God; in a manifestation of our Lord’s exceeding Holy presence on September 2nd, 2015. Upon awaking, God’s Holy presence was still very powerfully upon me, and I could recall the dream and God’s presence in it. I quickly summoned a friend, and then I prayed for the Lord to help me re-live and recall the dream. As I told the dream to my friend, they quickly wrote it down on paper while the Holy Spirit was still upon me and helping me; step-by-step.

    Several people have interpreted parts of it, and I invite you to share any input and interpretations.


Wedding party waiting for groom                                                                                                                              

Then…Huge fight                                                                                              

People hurting people                                                                                     


Eating all the cakes and cupcakes and throwing cakes


Pliers…Pulled out fins from fish                                                                     


Rhonda was the only one at this wedding party able to pull out (fin?) of fish                                                

Had to be pulled out in full                                                                                            

Rhonda was showing people how to do it

2 sides against each other                                                                              

Everyone was trying to get SILVER forks-had to be silver                                                                                    

Some people using them as weapons

As we got closer their skin started to melt                   

Then Jesus came                                                                               

He was on our side…good                                                                                             

Mary, Joseph’s mother                                                     

Jesus’ family                                                                                                      


Turned into blood                                                                                                           

Jesus’ blood was different than anyone else’s                                          

This gave us more power                                                                               

His blood was Crimson                                                                     

Also, we had babies which had to be fed milk                                           

We had the milk                                                                                

Then, they would be alive, one side had a little milk, one side had none                                          

Milk from blood of Jesus…                                                              

So we would have more people on our side                               

This is from blood of Jesus

Cre… family (Family who I know of who are not saved)                          

In the dream I told them that they would have to give up their (worldly) life to be with the Lord.

Their choice ~ ‘free will’                                                                                 

To choose the Lord or not

A dream from God:By Rhonda Childs Webb                                                                                 

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