Daily Manna from Proverbs

And being found he repayeth sevenfold, All the substance of his house he giveth.

Proverbs 6 : 31 YLT


Freedom from oppression; synopsis

Freedom from oppression and sin cannot be obtained without truth. The only way to ultimately help free the oppressed; is with prayer for an intercession of Jesus. Albeit whether from the distance or in person, no one is an asset for the oppressed to have liberty without Jesus. Scripture reveals the hundreds of intricacies of goodness […]

Democratic Murder In The Abortion Of Children

Voting for, or playing any role in advocating laws that allow the abortion of children, is facilitation for vicious callous collective…

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The love of Hannah

In the first book of Samuel, God tells us about the pain that Hannah had to her heart and endured because she was unable to have children…

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Why do we exist and what is our purpose?  

The reason as to ‘why’ we exist is because of God’s love.  The reason as to ‘how’ we exist is because of God’s wisdom.

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Mental health and controlling spirits

God is love, truth, liberty, life, and more, yielding peace of the mind. Satan is hate, a liar, controlling, and a murderer, yielding unease of the mind…

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